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Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-523
Exam Name: Oracle Application Grid 11g Essentials

Which interface provides the ability to see changes in real-time as they occur?

A.    ConcunentMap
B.    java. util. AbstractMap
C.    ObservableMap
D.    InvocableMap

Answer: C

Coherence provides the ideal infrastructure for building _____ services, and the ______ applications.

A.    Data Grid, Client and Server based
B.    Ouster, Client and Server based
C.    Data Grid, DNS based
D.    Cloud cluster, Client and Server based

Answer: A

Node Manager is a WebLogic Server ______ that enables you to start, shut down, and restart Administration Server and Managed Server instances from a remote location.

A.    Instance
B.    Utility
C.    Destination
D.    Ouster

Answer: B

Which three of the following are considered Fixed Asset Depreciation Rule Components?

A.    International Depreciation Methods
B.    Header
C.    Annual Rules
D.    Rule Conventions
E.    Predefined Depreciation Methods

Answer: BCD

As a best practice, what would you change in the following command line to create successful domain template “My WebLogic Domain”?

A.    Pack -domain=C:\oracle\user__projects\domains\mydomain.dll
template=C:\oracle\user_templates\mydomain.jar -template_name=”My WebLogic Domain”
B.    Pack-domain=C:\oracle\user_projects\domains\mydomain.jar template=C:\oracle\userJ:emplates\mydomain -template_name=nMy WebLogic Domain”
C.    Pack -domain=C:\oracle\user_projects\domains\mydomain
template=C:\oracle\user_templates\mydornain.jar -template_name=”My WebLogic Domain”
D.    Pack-domain=C:\oracle\user_projects\domains\mydomain.jar
template=C:\oracle\user_templates\mydomain.jar -template_name=”My WebLogic Domain”
E.    Pack-domain=C:\oracle\user_projects\domains\mydomain
template=C:\oracle\user_templates\mydomain -template_name=”My WebLogic Domain”

Answer: C

In a typical production environment, which server(s) hosts the application?

A.    Node Server
B.    Administration Server
C.    Managed Server
D.    Configuration Server

Answer: C

Which three data source integrations are provided by Coherence out of the box?

A.    TopLink Grid and TopLink Essentials
B.    Java Persistence API (JPA)
C.    Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
D.    File System
E.    Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

Answer: ABE

Which two statements are true about the Application Grid?

A.    Application Grid computing brings key industry-leading technologies like MS IIS and Grade WebLogic Server together.
B.    Application Grid computing promotes well architected sharing of resources.
C.    Application Grid computing is based on Oracle’s RAC technology.
D.    Application Grid computing results in more predictable behavior through better Instrumentation and more optimal allocation of resources.

Answer: BD

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