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Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1Z0-533
Exam Name: Oracle Hyperion Planning 11 Essentials

Identify the two true statements assuming you are working with a single application with multiple plan types.

A.    A user-defined custom dimension may exist in one plan type but not the other plan types.
B.    A user-defined custom dimension may have members in one plan type but not the remaining plan types.
C.    All members in the entity dimension must exist in all plan types.
D.    All membersintheaccounts dimension must exist in all plan types.
E.    All periods must exist in all plan types.

Answer: AE

What are the correct predefined types of base time periods that can be established when creating the calendar in a planning application?

A.    Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Custom
B.    Monthly, Quarterly, Custom
C.    Monthly, Quarterly, Weekly
D.    Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, Custom
E.    Only Custom periods are possible.

Answer: B

Identify the three characteristics of the Scenarios dimension.

A.    Security can be assigned to members of the Scenario dimension.
B.    It allows the administrator to assignvalid periods for data entry
C.    It allows bottoms up or target planning
D.    Exchange rate tablesare tied to the Scenario dimension.
E.    One member in the scenario dimension may be valid for Plan Type.

Answer: ABD

Which three components can be changed after the creation of the Planning application?

A.    Number of years
B.    Names of plan types
C.    Number of plan types
D.    Initialization of WFP or CapEx Planning modules
E.    Weekly distribution spread
F.    Year Dimension Name
G.    Default Currency

Answer: ADF

You need to create a highly formatted, printable Income statement for each store in your company. Each report should be emailed to the store manager at the close of each week (each store has a different store manager). What is the best way to deliver this solution?

A.    With Financial Reporting, create a book for each store that contains a P&L for each store and use the book to distribute the reports to store managers via email.
B.    WithFinancialReporting, create a store P&Land use batch bursting to distribute the report to store managers via email.
C.    With Web Analysis, create an income statement that store managers can log in and access.
D.    Within Smart View Report Designer, use the Cascade feature to generate and distribute each store income statement via email.
E.    Create a Planning P&L Data form and use email notification to send to store managers.

Answer: D

The Hyperion Planning administrator needs to run several calculations in a specific order against two different databases within the application. Identify the two options that are not valid.

A.    Esscmd
B.    Calc Script
C.    Business Rule Sequence
D.    MaxL
E.    Business Rule Macro

Answer: AD

Assuming the following dimensions and members:
Scenario – Actual, Budget and Year – 2010, 2011, you need to create a data form with two columns. One column should list Actual for 2010 and the second column should list Budget 2011. You do not want to show data for Actual 2011 even though the first three months of the year have been loaded from the GL. What is the best way to only show the 2 columns in the data form?

A.    You cannot build a data form with these two columns, hour columns will display: Actual >2010, Actual >2011, Budget->2010 and Budget >2011
B.    Use Segments on the data form to create the asymmetric columns.
C.    Use User Variables on the data form to create the asymmetric columns.
D.    Use a composite data form to meet this requirement.
E.    Use data suppression on the data form.

Answer: B

Identify the three true statements about weekly distribution.

A.    For Weekly Distribution options 445, 454, 544, the quarterly values are treated as if they aredivided into 13 weeks and the weeks are distributed via a pattern you specify.
B.    The only valid weekly distribution options are 445, 454, and 544.
C.    If you select the 4-5-4 Weekly distribution option, Planning treats the first month in the quarteras if it has 4 weeks, the second month as If it has 5 weeks, and the third month as if it has 4 weeks.
D.    If you choose weekly distribution for Custom-based time periods.Planning will not distribute thedata values across base periods.
E.    Weekly distribution determines how data entered into summary periods should spread to its base periods.

Answer: ACE

What are the three supported methods to create and update a member and its properties (assuming Classic or non-Classic Planning applications)?

A.    Planning Web Client
B.    EAS
C.    EPMA
D.    DRM
E.    Outline Load Utility

Answer: ABC

Identify the one Planning component that is not accessible over the Web.

A.    Dimension Editor for Planning
B.    Shared Services
C.    Exchange Rates Definition
D.    Planning Utilities
E.    Create and Manage Database Options
F.    Create Data Sources

Answer: D

Passleader Real 1Z0-533 Exam Answers Help You Pass Exam Easily


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